The AAWRC provides services, develops programs and advocates for women and girls of the African Diaspora and their communities.   During weekly conversations, women began to realize the importance of discussing the many issues affecting African American woman and finding ways to meet the needs that they shared.  Over 21 years later, the AAWRC, a nonprofit organization, continues to promote the ideas and visions of the founders, and to include as a natural part of its vision, the empowerment of youth and their families.



THE FIRST IN THE SERIES – AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN BUSINESS OWNERS . A panel will share with us their journey in establishing and surviving in their businesses.  Join us as we learn how their social, spiritual, economic, and political determination can empower our business goals.

In-Her-Light Workshop
How to Establish a Commercial Business

THE SECOND IN THE SERIES – AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN NON-PROFIT FOUNDERS.  Join a body of women who will give us ideas to combine our passion in with the greater community and do and be more than we can do and be singularly? A dedicated body of women will give us the message of what it takes to be that change agent organizationally.


The Third in the Series – How to Create a Business Plan
This is a hands-on workshop to getting a business plan written.  We will actually take as many steps as our two hours will permit.  Bring your paper, pens and ideas as we move through one of the MUST as we begin our businesses. 



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