About Us


Our Story

The African American Women’s Resource Center (AAWRC) is a nonprofit educational and cultural organization whose mission is to empower and support women and girls of the African Diaspora in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

The vision of the AAWRC was born in 1994 in the atmosphere of a local Black women-owned bookstore. During weekly conversations, women began to realize the importance of discussing the many issues affecting women of the African Diaspora and finding ways to meet the needs that they shared. Over 23 years later, the AAWRC continues to promote the mission and visions of the founders, and to include as a natural part of its vision, the empowerment of women, girls, and their communities.

The highlights of our long history of programs are here.   These programs, the backbone of our organization, have provided and served women and girls in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area in powerful ways. In this new era, in response to the deepening challenges facing our women and girls, we are fortifying two of the AAWRC programs. The first program is the Oratory Contest for Teenage Girls, which empowers middle and high school girls to find their voices and speak their truths. The second program is the In-Her-Light Series workshops where women meet, share, and learn how to build on their strengths